Detail Information of the Company

Alif Pulp & Paper Mills Limited is going

to inaugurate and run a 50Ton/day Writing Printing Paper mills and 30 Ton/day Tissue paper mills in Bangladesh.

The factory will be erected in a 5-6 Acre area land

besides the road side worthwhile locality of Gazipur. The company has engrossed on this sector due to hurriedly emergent ultimatum of paper and tissue paper in Bangladesh for the last decades.

For last couple of years

a sharp growth @ 8% has been observed in this sector. The company has built a strong team of experienced professionals from home and abroad, to operate the company in a professional way from the very beginning of its commercial launching. The company has selected a lucrative project site in a location of ShreepurGazipur, which is within close distance to the Dhaka Mymensing-highway.

Alif Paper is will explore

in the marketwith it's country best export quality products sooner. After completing installation of the existing plants, the company has plan to establish further a 100 Ton/day capacity paper mill in the same industrial campus as an expansion program. The company is very much apprehension about the protection of manpower and environmental effect.

The company has already acquired

necessary permission/consent from the relevant Government and non government Autonomous bodies, mandatory for setting up a factory. As such it will originated to institute a well-equipped and contemporary ETP plant in the factory for bigger interest of the environmental effect on industrial waste water.