Detail Information of the Company

Alif Group has also extended

it's business look in the Non-woven fabric manufacturing and Non-woven bag producing sector due to it's perceptible high demand in home and abroad. The company has taken a sophisticated and practicable project of 3.2M non woven fabric manufacturing project in Shreepur area. The factory will be an automatedcontemporary Chines technology with European standard products.

At the outset, the factory

will be erected in a 3(three) Acre land and progressively will be stretched to double of its dimensions. The company has engrossed on this sector due to speedilymounting demand of Non-woven foodstuffsin Bangladesh and proximate neighboring countries. For the last couple of years a sharp progressionof 12%-15%of Non woven products has been perceived.

The local small companies could not

accomplish the growing indigenous and intercontinental market mandate. At the same stretch,shortage of quality products is fully inattentive. As ansubstitute to jute harvests, non-woven foodstuffs are progressivelyapprehending the arcade with extraordinary demand of superiority product. The company has assembled a durablesquad of veteranexperts from home and abroad, to activate the company in a professional way from the very inauguration of its commercial induction.

The company has designated a worthwhile project spot

in a location of ShreepurGazipur, which is within close detachment to the Dhaka Mymensing-highway. Alif Synthetic Textile will reconnoitre in the arcade with it's country paramount export quality products more readily. After carrying out installation of the prevailing plants, the company will go for quick expansion. The company is very much concern about the effect of industrial wastes on environment as well as the sound health of the labour and hygienic environment of the factory. For this reason the company will take every steps to reduce the industrial waste and pollution of environment.

At the same time it will take every necessary precautions for the safety of it's manpower engaged in production or marketing the products and to keep the factory safe it will install every fire fighting equipment at factory premises. The company has already acquired necessary permission/consent from the relevant Government and non government Autonomous bodies, mandatory for setting up a factory.